Learn more about the Sprout program process

Learn more about the Sprout program process

Sprout's exclusive mentoring program takes North Bay startups from the business plan stage through angel round funding. Our mentors are successful entrepreneurs and executives who are now angel investors and advisors passionate about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

After a highly competitive screening process, selected companies are matched with a mentor who will work closely with them over the course of the typically 3-6 month program.

Upon successful completion of the program, Sprout will endorse and support the company as it is introduced to appropriate angel investment organizations.

Sprout is looking for young growth-oriented companies, with many if not all of these characteristics:

  • Product/service addresses a significant problem in a large market
  • Sustainable competitive advantage (patents, barriers to entry, etc.)
  • Working toward a liquidity event for shareholders
  • Has not raised significant capital to date
  • Headquarters is located in the Bay Area or willing to relocate HQ to the Bay Area
  • Desires mentoring and willing to listen